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You can reach the feelings in ned that you never had before in your life! I don’t have ED problem, but sometimes I purchase Kamagra and this drug is amazing!
I have been using cialis for nearly two years. I was diabetic for 12 years. Thank goodness last 10 months I am out of it. More importantly I am a heart patient. Cialis never interfered in my heart condition. I take 5 mg everyday prescriped for BPH. My intercourse course lasts as long as I want. Typically an hour and can go longer than that. Unfortunately I am 61 and my partner also 61. Due to the age the female body constitution does not allow her to have intercourse for such a long time and her vaginal area gets dry and my partner becomes uncomfortable. It is an amazing pill, Viagra I tried for 6 months, it is no match to cialis.
Wow! After a 1 year of frustration this really worked. I got an erection after 15 minutes and was able to put on a condom without rushing or worrying about losing my erection. It was so nice.
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